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In The Presence of Truth is a site specific installation at the historical UNESCO heritage site Rubbat AlKhanji.

The work creates structures using various materials commonly used in construction sites, as a means of responding to the theme of the city-wide exhibition PUBLIC/PRIVATE, curated by BrickLab founders Turki and Abdulrahman Gazzaz. 

In the light of the Middle East presenting "Event as Culture", the artist creates a surreal landscape in representation of newly imposed structures being built upon and around existing living beings such as trees, animals, insects, and trees. As we tale a closer look at elements such as white frame stairs, that symbolize support and progression, but cannot provide it just yet. 


We are encouraged to observe the early stages of fast change, the contexts it arises within, rather than only the future of it.

Zahra Bundakji
In The Presence of Truth
Metal sculpture, Botanics, Sand, Light Design.

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