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_Crossing Paths_ on view at Hayy Jameel_

“Crossing Paths” (2009-ongoing) is a series of photographic documentation of  Zahra Bundakji's walks through and around neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia. The series begins in 2009 with seemingly innocuous and sometimes humorous images capturing the experiences of choosing to be a pedestrian in a city mainly designed for cars; raising questions about mobility and access within the urban landscape, and how factors such as class and gender can mediate our relationship to the environments we live in.⁠

Ethnographic in its nature, the work also observes a time-lapse of changes in the region, particularly within the experience of a woman in public space. Capturing the growth of female autonomy by ways of movement, mobility, and taking up space. As well as the dilation of the female perspective on these matters upon participation in the urban landscape.

Crossing Paths
2009 - ongoing
Screen print on cotton paper

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